Pampered to Purr-fection

We can provide total dry grooming services for your cat in the comfort of their own home, or you can bring to us in Kingsley. Our Spa is set up for both dry and wet grooming 

All procedures are carried out with confidence, kindness and at the cat’s own pace!


Grooming can be done as a standalone service or as part of a Cat Sitting Service, which includes a very basic groom. 

If it is a one-off booking, we like to visit and check your cat’s needs, it’s important for us to understand the cat's age, state of health and temperament before making recommendations. 

​We do not do Lion Cuts or any form of styled cut. We believe all cats are beautiful and do not need to be slaves to fashion. A cat groomed to display their own beauty in our books is purr-fect. 

​We use quality natural products and always do an allergy test when we meet for the first time. 


​​Total Care Package 1- Dry Groom

Light De Matting (either by clipper or comb)

Grooming to remove all dead hair

Hygiene Clip (Brazilian)

Nails (when necessary)

Thinning (thick coat is the problem not length)

Dry Bath cleaning of the fur

Ears & Eyes 

Manicure Only

We can arrange to call and clip nails only. 

Manicure only: £12.00

Prices: Mobile  Care Package 1

Small to Medium Cats : £45

Large Cats e.g.  Main Coons  £55 

If we groom as part of a Cat Sit  Service ( 3 days or more) we reduce these charges by 20%. 


When the Cat’s coat is very matted or the Cat is old or particularly stressed and uncomfortable, a day visit to our Spa gives us time to groom in short intervals and not stress the cat so much. We are also better equipped at the Spa to deal with heavy matting.


07710 681031

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