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Cats Have Specialist Grooming Needs

Azalea loves a Pamper

At the Cats Maid we would not dream of grooming dogs and we often wonder why dog groomers think they can groom cats. Dogs & Cats are totally different animals and have very different physical needs. Our cats would immediately be on edge if we took them to a dog parlour. They can smell I have been with another cat and certainly would give me the cold paw if they scented, I had been unfaithful with a dog. A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times that of a human... so not saying dog parlours smell, just a cat is super sensitive. Most cats really do not like to be groomed, there are wonderful exceptions, but for the most part, cats groom themselves and resist others handling them in a controlling way. Being groomed does not come naturally to a cat, it’s a lesson you have to start with when they are young. Regular brushing gets a cat used to the experience and when the time comes, as they get older and need more assistance, they are much more comfortable with the whole process. Short hair cats generally can do with very little human grooming when they are in good health. They groom themselves daily by licking their coat clean all over, you get by with just a few dry baths & good brushing and regular nail trims. But long-haired cats – a human creation – require significant grooming. Cat grooming is all about managing the cat’s environment during the groom. They can’t be trained like dogs are for the process, but they can be well managed. At The Cats Maid we groom cats in their own homes. This is the optimal environment to groom cats – they territorial and at ease in their own environment. Cat grooming has its own rules – many the opposite of dog grooming. This is not about training and control. Minimum restraint for the cat keeps them feeling comfortably in control. Some have very narrow windows of tolerance for grooming; therefore, we get done the vital parts of the groom as quickly as possible. Cat nails and hair are constructed very differently. They need special tools and products. Their skin is paper-thin and thins further as they age, safety with tools is vital. With our patient gentle approach, along with our understanding of cats needs we successfully clean, remove knots, and always make sure we leave as friends.

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