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Responsible & Quality Breeding

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I wrote this article for the Birman Cat page some time ago. the comments I made are not just applicable to Birmans they are applicable to all pedigree cats. So many times I have seen the heartache a back street breeder has caused to a loving caring family. Kittens sold who are ticking timebombs with genetic faults and hereditary illness that develops as they mature. I recommend do you research before buying a heartbreaker. The article read: I have recently been reading on other sites some very sad stories about kittens brought from unprofessional breeders and people buying kittens as pets then breeding from them. There are some dreadful stories of disease and deaths in kittens and stories of serious disease in beloved cats. This post is not one to point blame or judge people it's one to provoke thought both in breeders, potential forever families and those of us privileged to have Birman's in our lives. To breeders and those who think about breeding. This is a life, a heartbeat and feeling entity you are bringing into this world. It is not a cash cow... if your objective is money then look elsewhere, not bring a life into this word that can suffer and cause pain to those who love them. Quality breeding is not a money spinner or a get rich scheme. If you nurture with love, kindness and patience then the rewards you will receive are far greater than money . The kittens also will benefit from socialisation and healthy happy lives. If you want to adopt a Birman, do your research, ask the breeder questions, ask the recognised Birman Breeders Club in your area. Remember nothing good in this life is cheap or a bargain that certainly applied to pure bred Birmans. So many posts on this and other pages are because people brought without doing research or thinking about the future. They say a dog is for life but so is a cat. These days with modern veterinary skills our Birmans can live 20 years plus. We cannot predict the future but can spare a moment to consider it before making a commitment to love and cherish a kitten. Consider that whilst you feel a kitten will add to your life, can you and will you be able to care for their needs. If you have adopted and are a forever family. Love cherish and realise you are massively rewarded to have the joy of one or more of these precious bundles. You life is enriched with the joy of them and return the love to them . Most things are common sense treat them as you would wish to be treated . Remember that you can play but many things you find funny are also not good for them and can harm. Certain human food,flowers and household cleaners are dangerous even deadly to cats. Also respect the breeders contract if you have a no breed clause it is there for a reason. Sorry for the long rant but I do feel at times whilst many problems are unfortunate and nothing could foretell or prevent them and the heartbreak they cause, others can be prevented by thought and care. It's a massive responsibility make sure you love and respect them and you will get that love back a million times over .

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