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A life of service to my beautiful cats taught me so much about their loves, likes, and ways. Each cat is unique, they all have their personalities and little eccentricities. I have bred Siamese and now am Mum to 4 beautiful Birmans. I retired from life in the fast lane and decided that now was my time.  I wanted to enjoy the company of my feline family and help others to enjoy a life of Purr-fection. I took time out to study all aspects of cat care from grooming, dietary and general wellbeing. I am fascinated by cat genetics and behavior. I know it can be a difficult experience leaving a cat under the responsibility of someone else. But I’ve got the background, calm demeanor, and practical know-how to help you. Rest assured that your special ones are in great hands.

Sue Billows

The Cats Maid Team: Testimonials
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